1. susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.

Writing is my art. It is the only thing on this planet that my soul connects to consistently no matter what phase my life has decided to enter into. It is one of few things that, when I neglect it, I feel guilty about. I can say I am an excellent writer and deliver that statement with such confidence but like most artist, I am my biggest critic. My notebook and random sheets of paper lying around my room with my handwriting on them unpublished is the proof.

I am often asked if I have a blog and if not, why? That question is always followed by a suggestion to start one. To me, blogging makes me feel very vulnerable and vulnerability is an emotion I still struggle to process. However, I did make a promise to myself at the start of this year to do more things that scares the hairs off my head and made a list of these things just to be able to hold myself accountable. The first action noted was to skydive, second on that list was to start blogging. I may need to revise my list and put blogging at number one and move skydiving much further down or maybe place it on next year’s list.

Someone (several people) once told me “you always have a story and I love hearing them”. I truly enjoy sharing some of my moments with people and I love the feedback I receive, though, the positive ones have more of a special place in my heart than the negative *wink*.  I’m glad you are here reading my wild thoughts and I hope you’ll stick around and grow with me through this platform.

Welcome to my page!

— Z. N. Woods

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